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'Kalapati'  composition for Kat Navarro's "When You Arrive" installation (2023)

"When You Arrive" is an experimental, multimedia installation that explores the odd and disparate memories of the missing years in a family photo album. The narratives intercross personal history, identity, time, and a little bit of fantastical as it assembles the fractured memories of family history through animation, collage, ephemera, and sound. Permeating through layers of the multi-channel installation is a story about living in two worlds, separation, and the disappearance of one world over time.

Music by Mark Kent Navarro | Mixed Media Animation by Kat Navarro

'Lyra & The Ferocious Beast' music score & sound design for Truepenny Projects (2023)

WYPR Review snippet

Isolated on the planet Minerva, Lyra is desperately seeking for a magical gemstone that will grant her wish for penance. She is kept company by her adopted sigma jupiaryllis and her android, Hattie. Soon the three realize that they are not alone... there is an evil lurking in the shadows, searching for Lyra and hunting the coveted gemstone. 

August, 2023 - The Voxel, Baltimore

Written by Tatiana Nya Ford

Featuring: David Brasington, J Purnell Hargrove, Isaiah Harvey, Mecca Verdell, & Caitlin Weaver

Puppeteers: Alex Mungo & Francesco Leandri

Director: Tessara Morgan Farley | Stage Manager: Ellie Skoda | Dramaturg: Jordan Ealey | Costume Designer: Elizabeth Dunlap | Costume Technician: Sarah Leiva | Light Designer: Eric Nightengale

World Builder: Luke Farley | Sound Design: Mark Navarro | Projection Designer: Chris Uehlinger | Puppet Designer/Builder: Madeline Baynard | Puppet Design Consultants: Jess Rassp

Fight Choreography: Gerrad Alex Taylor | Assistant Stage Manager: Fay McNair | Board Operator & FOH Coordinator: Jordan Cahoon

'DIMMER' Music Video / director & producer for G.O.L.D (2023)

In the hauntingly beautiful music video for the song of lost love, we find a man suspended in time, gracefully descending into the tranquil embrace of shimmering waters. As he drifts in slow motion, memories flood his soul like echoes of a fading symphony. Through the refracted ripples, we witness the poignant dance of his reminiscences—the tender caresses, the bitter tears, and the laughter that once filled the air. With each underwater reverie, the depths of his heart's ache are laid bare, creating a mesmerizing and poignant visual ode to the unraveling of love's tapestry.


Story & Direction by Mark Navarro (Baatchoy) Shot & Edited by Yusuf Kazmi (ccKase)

Staring Dyyo Faccina & Kemuma Nyamboga

'Bug Box'  composition //snippet// for Kat Navarro's art installation (2022)

A box full of bugs, snails and the fleeting childhood memories of summer. "Bug Box" is a multimedia installation by Kat Navarro which I am grateful to have done the music score for. My sister and I often collaborate because her animation projects have to do a lot with childhood and memories. She and I have been close since childhood and share many moments and memories together. The music I had written for this installation is inspired by our childhood summers. We reminded ourselves as children running outside catching fireflies and poking at cicadas. I wanted to encapsulate this childhood innocence and fleeting nostalgia in this piece. Best Baltimore Animation Award - Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival 2022

Music by Mark Kent Navarro | Mixed Media Animation by Kat Navarro

"BLANKET" collab with Kat Navarro (2020)

While making Blanket, I remember I was stuck late at night in bed thinking on how big the universe is. I feel like I can get stuck in a feeling or moment that is so small in comparison to how big the world really is. I wanted to encapsulate that emotion of feeling so small in a universe so wide. It's scary and beyond our control. It's also very beautiful because of that. Kat Navarro perfect encapsulates that feeling in this video. From the smallest things on this earth to the stars above us. This universe is forever expansive.

Music by Mark Kent Navarro | Animation by Kat Navarro

"SIX YEARS TO NINETY" collab with REST NOW! Records (2018)

"Six Years to Ninety" is a piece written after the death of my grandfather. This song is a part of an EP I had released in 2018 to help cope with his passing. While writing this music, the feeling and sounds I created for this project were in reflection of how I saw and remembered him. He was a man who enjoyed the simple things in life. Whether it be reading the newspaper, religiously going to Pimlico to bet on horses, or watching sports on TV; he, above these things, took care of his family and labored for us to survive him. This EP was picked up by a record label in Italy named REST NOW! Records. I am grateful for them to have wanted to create a visual for this song. "Six Years to Ninety" is in reference to a note my grandfather had written to himself, reminding himself he had 6 more years before he turned 90 years old. Unfortunately, this was not a goal he was able to meet.

Music by Mark Kent Navarro | Video by REST NOW! Records

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