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Sound artist, composer, producer, audio engineermark kent navarro is a Filipino-American artist; born & raised in Baltimore City, MD.

Capitalizing on his knowledge and experience in electronic, jazz, classical, experimental, ambient, bossa-nova, hip-hop, R&B, math-rock, post-rock, and alternative music, mark dedicates time and effort to delve into the nuances and intentions of his work. 


His skill is only matched by his drive to innovate & grow.

photograph by Divina Gracia

mark's dedication to innovation and growth is a consistent theme throughout his artistic journey and life. His narrative unfolds as that of an independent D.I.Y. artist who, through years of experience, mentorship, friendship, trial and error, survival and perseverance, continues to blur genre boundaries and explore diverse mediums on his creative horizon. His story is a testament to the resilience and creative spirit that defines his unique path.

mark draws inspiration from influential figures such as John Cage, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Allison Schulnik, Omar Rodríguez-López, Luis Bonfa, Wilfredo Alicdan, Björk, Aphex Twin, Joan Miró, Don Hertzfeldt, and Brian Eno to name a few.

The best art can feel like  it communicated with you on a deeper level.  

If you felt it, then it worked.


art by Angel Eris

illustration portrait by Angel Eris©

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