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017 -- 12.18.24

Oops it's been 2 years since my last journal entry. Re-updated my site with all the recent work I've done the past year.

I am living the life of an artist everyday. I do not take it for granted at all. Thinking back at it, I was able to do all the things I said I wanted to do in my artist career; which were: doing more compositional works, released my album, assisted in releasing new music locally, having a 9-5 job position that has 100% to do with my interests daily. I feel that I am pursuing my own journey without compromising myself. Maybe one day I'll get my masters in music? Who knows! 

It feels good! I feel the progress. Only thing to do is to keep going.

- baatchoy.


016 -- 08.15.22


Is to feel

But to ascend

It's everything

But actually








Is only felt

After the descent

The deception


In our perspective

Are we up?




But actually

Its everything

Because to ascend

Is to feel


- baatchoy.


015 -- 08.15.22

I have secretly and privately worked on both albums & music that will come out next year that will change the course of my life.


All I can be is grateful and stay true to my course and lean in to what I know in this life. Most importantly remain genuine and keep pushing to grow and learn.


But I am proud.


- baatchoy.


014 -- 08.15.22 -- mood







- baatchoy.


013 -- 08.05.22 -- Important Movies to me pt. 1 *in no specific order*


- Sword of Doom

- The Revenant

- Casino Royale

- The Godfather pt 1 & 2

- Rope

- Kairo

- Spongebob Squarepants Movie

- Star Wars

- Lord of the Rings

- The Never-Ending Story

- The Forbidden Fortress

- Rumble in the Bronx

- Hero

- War for the Planet of the Apes

- Nausicca: Valley of the Wind

- Apocalypse Now

- Blade Runner

- Starship Trooper

- Spider-Man 2

- Ong Bak 2

- Scarface

- Resevoir Dogs

 - baatchoy.


012 -- 07.12.22 -- COMPRESSORS


No lie. It has took me an embarrassingly longer time to learn about compressors when learning how to mix... and no lie I'm probably going to keep continuing how to use compressors, old and new, for the next years to come.

When I first started mixing on Ableton I used the simple compressor plugin that came with the DAW and used it's basic settings. Not really too sure what it meant.

But as you learn you come to realize that how a mixing engineer uses a compressor, really is a HUGE part of their signature. Goes as deep as what specific kind of compressor they're using and the application of it. It's also when they choose not to use it. What's even deeper is how they set their compressing "attack" and "release" times. It is as instinctual as a jazz musician plays improvisational music. All personalized to what the engineer hear and feels. 

Which makes learning about compression more complex than EQ'ing in my opinion.


Sure, a really bricked out heavy compression sound works really well and sounds cool and it's easier to set.

But when someone knows how to really set a compressor to ride with whatever signal is being put through it? That's butter. It's what makes music feel like a smooth ride. 

I say all that to say. If you're learning how to mix & master on your own. Turn any "auto-gain" or "auto-release" settings off and stop using pre-sets and learn what the compressors you got and play around with them. Especially with the attack and release. That's the sauce.

 - baatchoy.


011 -- 06.27.22 -- albums that changed my life.


These albums changed my life (In no specific order):

  • Vespertine - Bjork

  • Sound Signature Sounds - Theo Parrish

  • Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai

  • Back on Time - Plug

  • Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  • Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them - Bruno Pernadas

  • I Could Live in Hope - Low

  • Afrique Victime - Mdou Moctar

  • Amplified Heart - Everything But The Girl

  • Sound Sun Pleasure - Sun Ra

  • Lo Borges - Lo Borges

  • Introspection - Luis Bonfa

  • Pet Sounds - Beach Boys

  • White Album - The Beatles

  • Ambient 1: Music for Airports - Brian Eno

  • Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta

  • Lava Land - Piglet

  • Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.

  • 36 Chambers - Wu Tang Clan

  • All Eyez On Me - Tupac

  • Capital Punishment - Big Pun

  • Destiny Fulfilled - Desatiny's Child

  • A Love Supreme - John Coltrane

  • In Utero - Nirvana

  •  Os Tincoas - Os Tincoas

  • Butterfly - Mariah Carey

  • Plexure - John Oswald

  • Endtroducing..... - DJ Shadow

  • 1988 - Knxwledge

  • It Is What It Is - Thundercat

  • Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Homework - Daft Punk

  • Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood - DMX

  • Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt - John Frusciante

  • Invincible - Michael Jackson

  • Velvet Rope - Janet Jackson

  • Innervisions - Stevie Wonder

  • The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground

  • Chet Baker Sings - Chet Baker

  • In Search Of... - N*E*R*D

  • My Life - Mary J. Blige

  • Hangin' At The Beach - Delroy Edwards

  • Drukqs - Aphex Twin

  • Eternity - Alice Coltrane

  • Whipped Cream & Other Delights - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

  • Mort Garson's Plantasia - Mort Garson

  • Satin Doll - Bobbi Humphrey

  • Promise - Sade

  • Eastern Sounds - Yusef Lateef

  • Harmony of Difference - Kamasi Washington

  • Mother - Cleo Sol

  • TNT - Tortoise

  • Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar - Sam Gendel

  • Sabado Em Copacabana - Sylvia Telles

  • Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides - SOPHIE

  • Madvillany - MF DOOM

  • Sen Am - Duval Timothy

  • Larks' Tongues in Aspic - King Crimson

  •  Birds of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra

Definitely forgot some... but this is a good list.

- baatchoy.


010 -- 06.26.22 -- born today


Birthday today. VERY different one this year. I am happy and humbled to be alive.


Definitely because I am excited to see what I have in store for the future.


I am definitely on "my cup is half-full" rather than "half-empty" mode right now.

I am grateful to be alive and well. To hopefully many more years.

- baatchoy.


009 -- 06.07.22 -- DON'T GIVE UP!!!

I was talking about this with my brother Dyyo.

As artists or creators we find ourselves in moments where we don't even know why the fuck we are still doing what we do.

Should I give up? Why am I putting myself through this? This just hurts me.

I will be the first to say that I experience these thoughts more than I'd like to admit.

But I think its important to know that you're not alone in this. I've talked to my greater peers and they have expressed the same thoughts and feelings and as a creator we must find ways to navigate these thoughts.

Best way is to just simply live.


Live. Live. Live. Not as an artist, or a creator but as a fucking human being.

Find ways in your life to embrace the moments that brought you to this journey in the first place.

I find so much joy and remembernace in my beginnings as a artist and I find ways to put myself back in that mental space. 


Put away the pride. Put away the ego.

Let go.

Find ways to making yourself a learner again. Find ways to end or break your cycles and begin new ones.

Those are my thoughts.


- baatchoy.


008 -- 05.21.22 -- To be Filipinos in Baltimore City pt.1

While growing up my family did not have much. It was me, my sister, my mom, grandma, grandpa, and uncle living in a small townhouse in Baltimore City.

At the time it was the only place my family could afford when first living in America but it was our sanctuary. We were a proud small Filipino family.


My grandma would cook all the time (Her cooking was the best). She was captain in our family. Our matriarch. She made all the decisions and steered our little ship of a family wherever we went. She was also the family head chef. For the most part she prepared and cooked all our meals and damn I do miss those homemade Filipino meals. The pancit, adobo, beef-steak, menudo, lumpia, tortang, longanisa, EVERYTHING. She around this time prepared and cooked food at a local Filipino restaurant with another uncle of mine. They also used to sell food and barbecue in the yearly Filipino festival in Maryland. She was the leader of her pack.

My grandpa would work all the time. He drove trucks around. To this day, I'll admit I never knew who he worked for or what he was delivering but I guess it never mattered cause it helped pay the bills. If he wasn't working he was looking through magazines, newspapers and typing in his typewriter. If not that he was watching TV. He also grew vegetables in our tiny backyard. He was a truly simple man. I would hear stories back in his younger days he would wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles around in the Philippines. He was that type of dude and in his older age he still carried that energy.

My uncle as I remember as a kid stayed to himself mostly. He was always mysteriously in his bedroom or he would leave to play tennis and volleyball with his friends. He kept his life very privately. My sister and I one time got a chance to be in his bedroom. Being curious children, we accidentally unplugged his computer from his room and he got so annoyed by us. We never got to be in his room ever again since then. That was a good memory.

Then there is my mom. A hardworking woman taking care of my sister and I, who are only a year and a couple months apart. She worked at a hospital to help put my sister and I through private school. My family was very big on the idea of my sister and I not going to public school. They all  wanted the best for us. My mom did everything in her power to give my sister and I the world. To make us happy and for us to not be sad or even think we were living an impoverished immigrant lifestyle. She didn't us to even perceive that. Even if it took taking extra shifts to take us to movies, to restaurants to eat at, buying us gifts, Chuck E. Cheese and other play-places like that, etc. My ma sacrificed her life for my sister and I when we were children. I will never forget it or take it for granted.


While growing up in that house my older sister was my only other friend really. She and I would run around the house finding ways to be mischievous together or just sit together. We would watch a lot of PBS on the TV together. On the rare occasions that we have cable for a little while, we would watch a lot of  Toonami. A lot of anime. A lot of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Wherever my sister was at I was also at. I do remember this specific memory where we would play with our own toys. I took the heads off her 'My Little Pony" dolls and mix match them to other pony dolls. She was annoyed at the little brother hi-jinks I would do. For the most part however, we got along and never hated each other or really argued for that matter. I remember we would draw together a lot. She was always better at art than me and her drawing as a kid is what would eventually lead her to where she is today as an amazing artist.

My dad was never in the picture. When I was born he divorced my mom and then eventually disowned my sister and I when we were kids. From what I know it was to get out of paying child support. He was never a topic in the house because it was damn near illegal to speak of him. He was like Voldemort. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Never knew what he was up to. Never knew what kind of person he was besides the parts he's shown us. He would occasionally send us boxes of toys for us to have. One of those toys I will never forget was a Jar Jar Binks doll from Star Wars Episode 1. To be dramatic, that's when I knew he didn't care. If you know Star Wars lore, you know only if you know.

End of part 1.

- baatchoy.


Baltimore, MD

007 -- 05.19.22 -- mtl_gr_rose 










I am bedridden with COVID and I made this on my laptop. --unfinished--

- baatchoy.


006 -- 05.18.22 -- "THE ART OF MIXING"

"The Art of Mixing" is a .pdf file that was gifted to me during my first year or so of learning how to mix music. This is info and I'm happy to continue to pass along if you aint hip yet.

Here is .pdf file: 'The Art of Mixing'


here is also the pairing instructional video

if you like that stuff: 'The Art of Mixing Video'


No lie. As dated as this material is, its very very useful. Especially if you're starting out, or also have been mixing and recently hit a wall; and are in need of a new audio mixing perspective.

What I do like about 'The Art of Mixing' is the different graphs that are provided. Very visual shit and honestly when ya'll check it out its super comprehensive.

Check it out and hope it helps.

- baatchoy.


005 -- 05.17.22 -- goal setting hack (?)


ngl I am a living in the moment type person.

I remember reading somewhere:

   " A person whose head stays in the past, lives in sadness.

         A person whose head stays in the future, lives in fear.

             A person whose head stays in the present, lives in peace. "

I really am like this fr. Honestly it can be to a detriment. One thing I am bettering is becoming a better goal-setter. Something simple I read that I feel like sharing.

Lets say you want to set goals to accomplish in a year.

 - Write down 10 goals you want done in a year, but write the goals down in the language as if you have already accomplished them. (i.e. I will get in better shape)

- Out of those 10 goals think about the goal that is "easiest" or "most attainable" for right now. That is the goal you are going to focus on right now. Trust that the rest of your 9 goals will become accomplished, but work on this 1st goal.

- Before you go to bed, write down a to do list for the next day regarding things you will do to help achieve that 1st goal. 


The last part is important. Don't do all that writing only for you not to do it.

Achieving goals only happens by doing it, not by hoping, thinking or manifesting.

Manifesting is actually different... My favorite definition of manifesting is 2 parts: writing down and focusing all your thoughts and energy into that thing you are manifesting, and then also making small very intentional steps towards what you are manifesting. A very wise friend told me that and I been thinking about it that way ever since.

I hope all this helps you as much as it helps me fr

Until next time,

- baatchoy.


004 -- 05.16.22 -- /name/

Baatchoy is simply the name

that my ma gave me as a kid.

It was her way of calling me a fat baby. 

It really stuck with me & I resonate wit it

She still calls me this name to this day.

- baatchoy.


me & my mama

003 --05.15.22


- baatchoy.

002 -- 05.15.22 -- LAVA






I ain't the biggest astrology person in the world, but I do see it's value fr. Just like everything else, you can go as deep into astrology as you like and the rabbit hole IS deep. Being close friends with people who are into astrology, it was easy to ask questions about it. So yeah, I knew my 'top 3' and I also found out about my natal chart. 


Way I see it, astrology a tool that help people navigate their life and self-identity. Kinda like having a faith or religion I guess (?)


Becomes different conversation when people weaponize it though, or even when people find absolutes in it. I aint into it like that. But it is interesting though. My top 3 contains water, earth and fire elements (cancer, virgo, aries)


The way I look at it: that's shit is pretty much lava to me. Lava is just really really hot rocks that melted into liquid. Fire'y earthy liquid.


I love lava.


Honestly very accurate to how I feel everyday.

- baatchoy.


001 -- 05.15.22 -- JOURNAL STARTS

hey ya'll!


so this is definitely gonna be a new thing for me. I've always been a journal-type person. I decided that I'm going to *try* to do digital entries here on my website as frequently as possible. Weekly is definitely the goal.

ngl these posts are going to range from "entry-type" thoughts like this, to poems I've written, me sharing information that I know, maybe memes, and maybe even tutorials.

Ultimately, my goal here is to have a personal digital footprint where I feel like no matter where I am or how long its been, this is a cool look-back at what I've done. I already have 5 different journals; all having different purposes but this journal here is going to be a new thing in-the-making. 

This journal is for anyone and everyone who is interested to read it. 

Anyways that's it for now,

Until next time,


START.    ---  ^ scroll up for chronological order ^

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